Continuous Monitoring

The Continuous Monitoring module is an extension of the Authorization Box™ - Basic module and provides you with control over authorizations. This is essential for trust in the information processing within your organization. If you have continuous insight in the authorizations, you control the risks and improve the quality of the information security. Essential elements for the continuity of your organization and the trust of your stakeholders.  

Real-time insight in authorizations

Continuous Monitoring in Authorization Box automatically monitors and notifies authorization changes in Microsoft Dynamics. Notifications are displayed in your personal dashboard and/or sent by email. This enables you to react quickly and adequately. 

Authorizations in Microsoft Dynamics are monitored on the basis of self-composed standards, or critical authorizations. Depending on your situation and wishes, you will receive a notification of authorization changes. Immediately, every day or every month.

Benefits of Continuous Monitoring

Ability to define critical permissions

Data is collected from Microsoft Dynamics database

Autorizations are analysed in Authorization Box

Action only required when necessary

How does it work?

With Continuous Monitoring in Authorization Box, monitoring the quality of authorizations in Dynamics goes automatic and timely;  

  • You signal relevant changes to the authorizations in Dynamics in a timely manner,
  • You have an optimal grip on risks because you have continuous insight,
  • You can always keep the quality of authorizations at a high level,
  • External stakeholders such as supervisors, shareholders and accountants can rely on the information processing within your Microsoft Dynamics organization. 

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The User Templates module is an extension to the Authorization Box™ - Basic module and helps you easily set up flexible, user-related tables in Dynamics Business Central. With this module, in addition to object authorizations, it is possible to automatically maintain other user-related (security) settings.

User Templates

Central Management

With the Central Management module, you can centrally maintain the setup of the Authorization Box for multiple databases from a single database. The database from which you do the setup is the “parent” and this database can be linked to one or more other databases. The linked databases are the “children”.

Centraal Beheer

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Our authorization software consists of the Authorization Box, Field Security app and Field Validation app. This software helps you set up, manage and monitor your authorizations.

Authorization Box

Assign, manage, and monitor authorizations

Authorization Box is the authorization solution for Microsoft Dynamics, providing a more manageable and controllable Microsoft Dynamics environment. Thanks to Authorization Box, you leave the time-consuming and complex authorization process behind.

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Field Security

Authorize on field - dataset level

With our Field Security app you can optimize the standard permissions structure at field, filter and action level, which greatly improves the security and internal control of your Dynamics 365 Business Central application.

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Field Validation

Field validation on user level

The Field Validation app allows you to flexibly set up business rules for your data quality. With this app you can ensure that all your data complies with the rules you have set before this data can be used in further processes and transactions.

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