Security and control of your Microsoft Dynamics environment

With standard Dynamics, you don't have visibility into which user has what rights and who can change what. With our software, we provide support for the full cycle of authorizations: design, build, manage and monitor:

2-Controlware and 2-Control

2-Controlware was created within the IT audit company 2-Control, because we saw a need among Microsoft Dynamics users. Meanwhile, 2-Controlware has grown into a separate company and we work side by side. 2-Controlware focuses on developing and delivering authorization software. 2-Control offers IT audit services for your information security.
We work from one building as one big team, but professionally we have grown further. Would you like to know more about 2-Control? Or are you looking for IT audit services? Take a look at the 2-Control website!

Software solutions

With our authorization software, we offer user-friendly support for the full cycle of authorizations: designing, building, managing and monitoring authorizations in Microsoft Dynamics. This allows you to be compliant and risk-aware in business and to be in control of your own internal organization.

Authorization Box

Assign, manage, and monitor authorizations

⋅ Quickly create permission sets
⋅ Easy and flexible user management
⋅ Monitor the quality of the authorizations
⋅ Quickly and easily activate the secured cloud solution

Authorization Box (NL)

Field Security

Authorize on field- and dataset level

⋅ ''Waterproof segregation of duties''
⋅ Adjustable on user and role level
⋅ Pre-filling fields
⋅ Refining the authorization up to field- and dataset level

Field Security

Field Validation

Field validation on user level

⋅ No more gaps in information processing
⋅ Apply field validation by using filters
⋅ Applicable on user and user group level
⋅ Improved data quality

Field Validation

Specialist in internal control

We have been helping organizations improve internal control for 17 years by providing complete and user-friendly authorization software for Microsoft Dynamics. With this we enable organizations to be continuously in control. On our blog we regularly share relevant articles in the field of authorization software. On our blog, we regularly share relevant articles on authorization software.

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Software for internal control

Inventory reconciliation easily and quickly compares the connection between your sub ledger and general ledger. With the push of the button you will be able to analyze the entire inventory, substandard and all coverage costs and revenue and connect with the ledger. This information enables you to respond quickly to differences that arise in your processes.  

Inventory Reconciliation

2-Controlware team

The team of 2-Control consists of enthusiastic and driven professionals. Led by Arno Mouwen and Rogier Haest, and Rik Harmsen van der Vliet 2-Controlware supports organizations in improving information security and internal control using self-developed authorization software for Dynamics.

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