Inventory Reconciliation

Inventory reconciliation easily and quickly compares the connection between your sub ledger and general ledger. With the push of the button you will be able to analyze the entire inventory, substandard and all coverage costs and revenue and connect with the ledger. This information enables you to respond quickly to differences that arise in your processes.  

Inventory Solution

Within the analysis screens, you can view the connection between your sub- and general ledger administration in one click. The information is presented by ledger account with the values from the sub administrative, ledger, and the differences. In addition, the most common reasons for differences are shown: manual bookings and use of an account for different purposes.

For many users, it is difficult to understand the different booking paths in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The stock connection screens give you a clear picture of the result of the analyzed bookings. For this reason, the stock records and bookings to cover accounts are split into two different screens. The cover bookings are grouped by process.

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Benefits of the Inventory Reconciliation

Continuous Insight

Saving Time

Two Checks

Free Trial

Inventory reconciliation license fee

  • One month free trial
  • Insight into your first three months of inventory ledger

Per month: 150,00 usd/eur 
Per year: 1800,00 usd/eur

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