Field Security

Field, filter and action security for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central authorization functionality is limited, which often prevents you from setting up the desired optimal segregation of duties. With our Field Security app you can optimize the standard permissions structure at field, filter and action level, which greatly improves the security and internal control of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central application.

Our Field Security app enables clear segregation of duties in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Enhanced security and more in-control

The Field Security app provides the solution for optimizing segregation of duties by setting up authorizations on field, filter and action level. Because of linking to permission sets, the complete setup is flexible and manageable. This enables a secure and controllable Dynamics 365 Business Central environment to be realised. 

In many environments users should be limited to reading certain information, such as order prices or general ledger accounts. The Field Security app allows you to hide datasets to prevent users from reading certain data.

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Compliance Field Security App

Set up field security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Compliance Field Security app is a 2-Control product with the solution for optimizing segregation of duties by setting up authorizations at the field, filter and action level. The app is now available on Appsource.

Benefits of the Field Security App

Refining authorizations

Authorizing groups of users

Allowing initial filling of field

Segregate permissions

Authorizing actions

Refine and optimize

Discover our complete package

In addition to the Authorization Box, we also offer the Field Security and Field Validation app to help you set up, manage and monitor your authorizations.

Authorization Box

Assign, manage, and monitor authorizations

Authorization Box is the authorization solution for Microsoft Dynamics, providing a more manageable and controllable Microsoft Dynamics environment. Thanks to Authorization Box, you leave the time-consuming and complex authorization process behind.

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Field Validation

Field validation on user level

The Field Validation app allows you to flexibly set up business rules for your data quality. With this app you can ensure that all your data complies with the rules you have set before this data can be used in further processes and transactions.

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