23 October 2023

Technical security and mastery of Microsoft Dynamics environment

Do you have insight into the quality of the current design of your systems or processes? It can be difficult to gain insight for companies and to optimize this process. We offer you a helping hand.

Insight into the quality of authorizations

If you want to always be in control of your own (IT) organization, and in other words always be able to rely on the internal provision of information, you will need a clear basis from which you can continue to manage and monitor your authorizations.

Only in this way will you ensure that you can always rely on internal information provision. A simple but crucial condition for the continuity of your business.

Grip on risks in Microsoft Dynamics

Reflecting this advice on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, this process may be easier said than done. In addition to setting up and managing the authorizations, this also includes periodically analyzing whether the quality is in order. This is a very intensive task that can be almost a day's work for somewhat larger Dynamics environments.

With our Authorization Box you can easily set up, manage and monitor your authorization from one place. This ensures an optimal grip on risks without intensive business processes.

The best way to always, without too much effort, stay in control: realize a secure and manageable Dynamics environment with authorizations and perform periodic analysis. Want to know more about our authorization software? Read more about it here.