22 April 2024

Authorizations are important. But for who?

In every business, there is an interest in internal control and information security. Authorizations solve this, but to whom are they really important?

The answer is simple: For everyone

In every company and in every department, there is an interest for internal control and information security. The solution to this is authorizations. These ensure adequate separation of functions and thus reliability of your data processing. For this reason, proper authorization management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is very important.

The above terms such as internal control, information security and segregation of duties are terms that are often pushed towards the finance, HR or IT departments. Despite these being the three main departments that come up when talking about authorizations, internal control is a shared responsibility of everyone working with the information system! In this blog, we bring to light the benefits of good authorization management in the three departments mentioned above:

  1. Finance:
    Good authorization management in finance has several benefits. It prevents unauthorized transactions and fraud, it leads to reliable figures, it allows companies to optimally manage the biggest financial risks through segregation of duties. And finally, it creates internal, demonstrable control for external parties so that they can rely on the information system.
  2. HR:
    Good authorization management is also indispensable in the HR department. First of all, it is of great importance for leave of absence, sickness, and entry/exit. It also leads to higher personnel productivity and protection of personnel data. Finally, proper authorization management ensures that authorizations match the relevant job profile through Role Based Access.

  3. IT department:
    Finally, the benefits of authorizations for a company's IT department. Proper authorization management reduces the risk of errors by preventing employees from performing unauthorized actions. It saves the IT person or application administrator a lot of time in fixing errors in the system, it improves data quality and reduces the number of queries, and making updates and changes is easier.

We are happy to help!

Don't work in any of these departments? Good authorizations do impact you: less can go wrong and your work becomes easier due to higher quality information in the system. Make sure you don't miss the following article or send us a message directly and discover the impact of a powerful authorization structure in Microsoft Dynamics.