16 May 2024

A look back at Directions North America 2024 with 2-Controlware

Just a month ago, 2-Controlware was attending Directions North America, a big event in the Microsoft Dynamics sphere. The experience was both enjoyable and enlightening, forseeing us with fresh insights, stimulating discussions, and of course, the undeniable charm of San Diego, the Sunshine State/ Gold State.

Early keynotes

Each day started with a lively keynote, led by a musician who cleverly spun familiar tunes to fit the theme of Microsoft Directions. It was a welcoming way to kickstart the day!

Microsoft took the stage for daily keynotes as well, spotlighting new features. One moment we though was outstanding, was a live coding session on-stage, where AI functionalities were put into play. It was intriguing to witness the strides technology has made.

Permissions session

Our own session on permissions, also known as ‘authorization management’, was met with positive reception. The success of the session can be attributed partly to our dutch "stroopwafels" (a traditionally dutch cookie), but primarily to the substantive discussions that ensued. We fielded numerous questions about the extent of control refinement possible with our field security apps and whether our app could execute certain validations.

Microsoft Dynamics Community

The Microsoft Dynamics community welcomed us with open arms. We reconnected with existing connections and created new ones with both partners in attendance and other ISVs.

Directions North America proved to be a remarkable experience for our team at 2-Controlware. We eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to share our knowledge, learn from others, and to broaden our connections in the Microsoft Dynamics world.

Until we meet again at the next Directions!

Authorization Software

Authorization Box

Assign, manage, and monitor authorizations

1. Quickly create permission sets
2. Easy and flexible user management
3. Monitor the quality of the authorizations
4. Quickly and easily activate the secured cloud solution

Authorization Box

Field Security

Authorize on field- and dataset level

1. Refinement by field authorizations.
2. Security through filters
3. Watertight separation of functions
4. Security through authorization sets

Field Security

Field Validation

Field validation on user level

1. No more gaps in information processing
2. Apply field validation by using filters
3. Applicable on user and user group level
4. Improved data quality

Field Validation