3 June 2024

Our highlights of InnoviaCon 2024

Last month, 2-Controlware attended InnoviaCon. We gained tons of new knowledge! The conference was a gathering for customers of Innovia, where the compact size provided many opportunities for direct interaction and valuable conversations with users.

Innovia itself presented a series of interesting and especially informative sessions on the latest technological developments. It was nice to experience Innovia's expertise and enthusiasm in this way.


The conference took place in Denver, a city known for its unique location at 1,600 meters above sea level with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. The local cuisine, featuring steak from bison following a vegetarian diet, was a true discovery and a topic of conversation in itself.

Our experience

Our own session was one of the highlights of the conference for us. It was a pleasure to see how well our presentation was received and how the participants were engaged in our goal of making the world of Business Central safer. The positive feedback was an affirmation of our hard work and dedication. It was special to meet our joint customers with Innovia and receive their direct feedback. These interactions are essential for our growth and refining our services.

Another fun moment was handing out our stroopwafels with the participants. This typical Dutch delicacy fortunately once again a big hit!

A personal milestone was the celebration of the founding of our American company. This is not only a new phase in our growth, but also strengthened the bonds within our team.

As we look back on another successful conference, we remain committed to making the world of Business Central safer, one step at a time.

And finally, a small confession: in the hustle and bustle of the conference, we forgot to bring back goodies for our marketing team. We promise to compensate for that with additional stories and interesting findings we gained during the congress :)

Did you miss us during the congress, or would you like to talk further about our authorization solutions? Get in touch!